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For about 16 years, I have been teaching courses in Afro-Caribbean Shamanism around Europe.  I am passionate about teaching people the rich traditions of the Yoruba, Bantu and Congo-based traditions a ...

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TEMOR   Siempre he usado la cita  “Toda curación es esencialmente la liberación del temor” Para algunos, una de las creaciones más trágicas de nuestras vidas es el temor. Tan grande es el temor e ...

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I have always used the quote “All healing is essentially the release of fear” For some, one of the most tragic creations in our lives is fear. So great is fear in creation that he is considered a spir ...

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My Journey part 5: Mental Health and Spirituality

My Journey part 5: Mental Health and Spirituality Many years ago in New York, I worked on a small pr...

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My Journey part 4- Initiation Day

  My Journey part 4:  Initiation Day On September 28th was my anniversary of my Ocha (initiatio...

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No sleep

Once again I woke up way before my alarm clock. Why did I wake up so early?… The world situati...

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My Story Part 3 – Fast Forward

My Story Part 3   Fast Forward   The first story I will share in FAST FORWARD takes place...

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