BEEF #2 About COVID19


Why do people find it so interesting to care about what celebrity has COVID 19?

I feel that we should be concerned about our family, friends, and neighbors. Celebrities regardless of their genre are just like everyone else, the only difference they can afford the best care. How many people do you know that have tested positive or have COVID 19? Those are the people we should be looking after.

Sometimes POP CULTURE distracts from real issues. Yes, it’s nice to see some frivolous tidbits but for me, it’s light entertainment. I don’t see why I would waste my time reading on who is sick, who is getting divorced or who is getting married. I was not invited, were you?

We look on Facebook or Instagram and we see are the celebs who tested positive. I don’t think they are looking for any sympathy from us, and if they are I pity them. They can self-quarantine in great luxury while more than half the world can barely pay the rent/mortgage for their homes.

There are a few social-minded celebs that are doing something for the community at large, by making donations here and there. Those are the ones that are heroes. Let’s follow them, they are doing the right thing.

During the AIDS pandemic, it wasn’t until Rock Hudson died from complications due to AIDS did the entertainment industry wake up. What celebrity needs to die from COVID 19 before they take action as an industry?

Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate Pop Culture, what I don’t care for is the glorification of them when they are not doing much for the fans who pay upwards of $100 for a concert.

I care for human life, you care for human life and I am sure that they also care. And if they do care I don’t see or read about any buying ventilators and hospital supplies such as gloves and mask for the health care professionals.   OK one did so I read she gave 5 million dollars but I can’t verify the report. I praise her if this is a fact.

I don’t know how much a ventilator cost, but if they were to donate 2 or 3 each it would help a great deal. I am talking worldwide celebrities, not just Hollywood.