Not so much a beef as it is a question.

I was reading the news from around Europe and what different countries are doing during the COVID 19 epidemic. Last week we applauded the health care workers; that was a wonderful action from the Dutch people.


I am concerned as to what the Nederland’s (government) are planning to do for the Arts, self-employed, and small businesses.

In Denmark, for example, the government has set a fund for Artiest and is lending a big hand for independent business owners and self-employed.


How are we going to make ends meet? My partner and I are self-employed. As a Shaman, Coach, and Spiritual Therapist and my partner, a musician, and a self-standing music teacher, our business has dropped by 100%. We are considered a nonessential company. We both relied on clients and students for our livelihood. With COVID 19, no one is going out, and we are all stuck in quarantine. Don’t get me wrong; we all should be taking care of ourselves. We have thought of providing our services ON-LINE, but if we are struggling, so are thousands of others.


So what are governments planning to do for the little guy?