CABIN FEVER or (When the 4 walls close in)



(When your 4 walls closing in on you)

Here we are week 2 of what seems like a global shutdown. I hope you are all dealing well with it.  Cabin Fever has not set in yet, we still need to walk our dog.

During this period when we are in self-isolation/quarantine we look at things to do with our day. There is but so much cleaning, washing, cooking, etc… that we can go completely bat-shit (bad analogy it all started with bats).

Listening to the news is a joke. Who can we trust? Forget FaceBook, misinformation, and conspiracy theories can truly make you crazy.

For those who have little ones at home, it may be more difficult. We see jokes an funny photos and memes on Facebook some are cute and can make you laugh. I know I have rolled with laughter at a few.

Once all your cleaning, washing, cooking, and so on is done or you just need a break why not take 10 or 15 minutes and meditate. Go to youtube they have thousands of meditation music or guided meditations that you might use.

Make it an activity with your children: show them how to meditate. Please don’t say you don’t know how to meditate, we all can. If you can breathe you can meditate. You don’t have to make pretzels out of your legs to meditate, you don’t need any special clothing or floor mats. A simple chair, or comfy sofa (do not lay down) you might fall asleep. You don’t even need music you can just go inside. But Music does help those who feel they can find the mood.

I can suggest something I heard for the first time over the weekend. Tina Turner Sarvesham Savstir Bhavatu (Peace Mantra) on YouTube or Spotify.

If you are following a guided meditation just let yourself go with the flow. All you need to do is breathe with intention. You set the intention. If you are teaching your children make it simple for them. Children don’t always understand “spirit guides” or angles. Teach them and you will be surprised that you might learn from them. They may not know spirit guides, but they know their superheroes or better: yet their imaginary friends. When was the last time you had an imaginary friend? Maybe you may want to call them back/reconnect with them.

At the most hectic part of the day STOP, BREATH and sit, relax, close your eyes and breathe in deep and slow.

Don’t allow yourself to fall into conspiracy theories, the panic of the masses. Stay calm, we will get over this at some point.

Just think for one moment, yes this is bad but look at the bright side, the air is cleaner, stars can be seen again. Maybe it’s the Great Spirit telling us to slow down.

Love and light

Elliott,  The Urban Shaman


Please remember to check on a neighbor and the elderly.