I have always used the quote “All healing is essentially the release of fear”
For some, one of the most tragic creations in our lives is fear. So great is fear in creation that he is considered a spirit, although never born physically. Fear has no face and no name; fear hides in darkness, speaks in whispers that stir the soul and suffocates our spirit. Fear has no shrine or altar and takes no followers, and is dreaded by all mortals. Yet it is said that fear also prepares us for a spiritual awareness or enlightenment.
As we conquer our fears we move passed the desperation we feel. We lift up our heads and spirit and go forward knowing that fear has no place in our existence. Fear becomes a manifestation of our past and has no place in our present or future.
One way to free ourselves from our fears is to confront them head on. Yes it can be painful but the benefits outweigh the cost. Looking at it simply and taking what is happening in the world around us people tend to judge one group of people over another. Our fears dictate that everyone in a particular socio-religious group are the same. You judge all of them as being evil or terrorist. When in fact the percentage of the wrong doers is very small. The news media in their fear brokering sell us the stereotype. The innocents who are trying to live a normal life are also judged. So everyone from that group is evil correct? NO not true. The prejudice we have, builds our fear. But if you stop and allow yourself to meet the regular people of that group, talk with them you will understand that they also have fear, but now the fear is compounded two fold. 1) Fear from the wrong doers from their own group. 2) Fear of the general population that is affected. They are fearing you because you fear them. The cycle continues; unless one of you breaks the ice in a manner of speaking. Getting to know people form one group or another and opening a dialogue breeds understanding, and understanding each other begins to let that fear go. This is only a small example.
Of course there are many types of fear, some may take more work time to face then others. Facing your fears can be scary, once you conquer one you can move on the next and the next each time learning from the previous one, will make it easier.

Elliott Rivera