As a shaman and healer, I am constantly looking at what is happening around me. And lately, I am finding myself at a loss with the events unfolding around the planet.

I like to consider myself an optimist but that seems to be changing slowly. I always liked to believe in hope. Now I hope for hope in the world situation.



I really hope that the American people wake up on 6 November 2018 and say enough, today I WILL GO OUT AND VOTE!!! Forgoing the Election Day sales and invest in the future of the country.

As an American living in Europe for the past 18 years, I find it difficult to be positive. The political atmosphere coupled with the racial tension is eerie.  Correction there is no tension there is outright racism. I am a child of the 1950’s and 60’s although I was brought up in New York I did not see or do not remember being affected by racism of the time. However, I know my history pretty well and what is happening now in the USA is a throwback to the civil rights movement. It looks like nothing has changed in 60 years. For some reason, I feel that it is just as bad or maybe worse. Sure they haven’t released the dogs or opened the fire hoses on the masses, but psychologically it seems that they have.

I would love to go and visit the East Coast again, we had even planned to go for Christmas this year. But to be honest I am frightened.

Frightened of just walking down the street and some fool decides to attack or call the police because “I am walking black or Latino”.  I thank God that I do not have to worry about my beloved mother anymore, or else I would be forced to go.  Maybe I am overreacting (it’s been known to happen) but my gut feeling is to stay home for the time being.

My jaw doesn’t drop anymore when I open the NY Times. I read the lies that are coming from the POTUS and I ask why? Why have the “we the people” not doing anything? It’s like a bad science fiction movie where people are controlled or is this really the TWILIGHT ZONE?

On November 6 the American people once again can be “WE THE PEOPLE” and make an overwhelming statement and vote BLUE. It has to be the better of the two evils. I say that because if the Blue team had any backbone the mess the country is it would not be as bad. Everyone is playing politics and not making political statements. The few that are trying I give them credit but what about the rest?

I am here, thousands of miles away looking, listening and waiting in hope for change.

Don’t get me wrong, things are NOT all great in Europe, the FAR RIGHT is popping up all over the EU. Although the POTUS and his cabinet are the laughing stock of the universe, many EU politicians are following suit of the US. In many respects, they copy not only TV Programs for the US but now views in Politics.

The world seems to be turning FAR RIGHT! Will there be a LEFT turn down the road anytime soon?