March 24th, 2018 will go down in history. The day that American youth of ALL backgrounds came together for a common cause. I can honestly say that the power of the speakers touched me.  They said what needed to be said straight and to the point.

They filled the streets of the capital 800,000 strong and not to mention all around the country the thousands of other from sea to shining sea. Their voices were heard,  and the people cheered.

Meanwhile, the POTUS was off playing golf yet again in Florida.  Not very far from the epicenter where 17 voices had been silenced forever.

While POTUS is playing his 18 holes, the rest of the Republican party and there big supporter the NRA held news conferences saying that this march was unjustified, that the youth should not be protesting. Watching FB seeing the beauty of a peaceful march and then reading what the people in government are sying as well as not saying can only explain their total disregard of future voters in the US.

Rick Santorum on Sunday said this about students speaking out about gun laws: “How about kids instead of looking to someone else to solve their problem, do something about maybe taking CPR classes or trying to deal with situations that when there is a violent shooter that you can actually respond to that.” He went on about the Hollywood elite supporting the march, the billionaires supporting the march. They supported them because they know that the future belongs to the young people of the nation and the world.”  This statement like many others my people in politics only proves that they are out of touch with the feeling of young adults.


My hope that this fight will continue way past the Mid-Term elections. Change can happen if you stay vigilant. Take a look at the late 80’s and early 90’s. ACT UP chained themselves, blocked streets, got arrested because they wanted to have changes made in policy around research and care for HIV/AIDS. They were successful because they were always in the face of the government.

The young people are future voters, future policymakers and future congress and senators and even future presidents. That is if the gun laws don’t change before the youth are cut down from their future.

The only argument that should address that needs to be heard at this time is how the Republican and I am sure a few Democrats are going to repay the billions they have taken from the NRA and how they are going to dismantle that Organization.

Enough is Enough.


People will say to me: “you don’t live in the United States and I have no say”.

My response to them is I have freedom of my speech it’s in the Constitution.