It took a bit of trouble getting here. It was as if a spirit was holding me back. But in the end, spirit opened the doors for me to make this journey. I was invited by Chief Dancing Thunder who I have known for 13 plus years. I was wondering why he was s insistent that I come to Montana this year. All I knew was the work he has been doing with the Star Nations as well as the beings that bring healing and medicine to our world. Now those of you who know me or have taken teaching with me know my feeling about this. Remember I always said if you were going to channel do not do so in Martian. We all had a good laugh. I have changed my tune, although I still don’t understand Martian or better yet Star Language I have gained respect for those who can speak and understand the language of the Star Nations.

I am a child of spirit, I honor, love and respect my Ancestors and Orishas. I am able to channel my guides without effort. In our tradition, we always speak of the Cosmos, but I have never heard any of my many teacher’s talk of being from another world at least not directly. I know they believe in them, but they have never acknowledged their existence. Why was it so crucial for me to be here in Montana this year? I still had no clue when I arrived the other day. I was awestruck by the majestic mountains and the open planes I’d only seen in movies or travel programs. On Saturday was a BBQ as a meet and greet. I knew many people, but they all knew about me. Have you ever seen a movie where everyone knew you and about you, but you had no knowledge of them? Well, that’s how it felt, not evil mind you.

On Sunday we had our first meeting to outline what our work would be for the next 3 weeks. It was at this meeting that my purpose/roll was reviled to me. Chief Dancing Thunder enplaned to me in some detail that I will not go into here as to why what and how. As a medium and a channel like others in the group are able to communicate with the spirit world. In my case I can channel multiple spirits/entities in a short period of time, unlike some other mediums my channeling is physical, meaning that I allow the spirit/entities to physically use my body and take physical shape of their former lives for a short period of time. Therefore I may be able to open to the star nations/star people as a medium of communication.

On Monday we had our first ceremony, I will not share what the ceremony were, what I will say is that it is an alignment and opening to the energies. During this ceremony, I was positioned to connect with the light beings. Although I did not yet physically channel, I did receive messages and was able to transmit them. I cannot explain what it was I felt as I can’t ever tell how it is I channel spirit guides or Orisha. I have learned to trust spirit while preparing to receive the star messages I heard and felt my spirit guide protecting and encouraging me. That alone made me much more comfortable. I am sure that over the next 2 and a half week I will have more opportunities to channel. I am open to that and look forward to helping in the prophecies. To all the people who know me to be a serious person in all things spiritual, I ask you not to judge as I once did seeing is believing. In the spiritual tradition, we say “Ver para creer” Seeing is to believe.