New Years Message 2018 Compleated)




Wishing all my followers a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

The past few months have been a rollercoaster with the normal ups and downs. Thankfully the downs have been few.

For the first time, the year ended with me very busy with work.


In the traditions of the ancestors, each year it is determined which two Orishas are ruling over the universe. Let me explain what I mean by the universe in this case. Here I speak to the millions of Orisha followers. Whether you live in Europe, Cuba, USA, Puerto Rico, Africa or South America. Each county has there conclave of priest of IFA that convene to determine the “Letter of the year” or “Letra del Ano”

The gathering of Babalows in Cuba, for example, meet at the Yoruba Cultural Center in Havana. The preparations being in early December, concluding on New Years Day. Here the Babalows gather to pray, cal the ancestors and connect with the Orishas. Via a complex system of Divination, it is determined who of the Orishas will rule and who of the Orishas will accompany. There are always Orishas ruling over the planet. For the past 25+ years, I have been following the Letter of the Year that comes from the Asociación Yoruba de Cuba y la Comisión Organizadora para la Letra del Año Miguel Febles Padró.

Over the years I have never been disappointed in the predictions. Not always pinpoint accuracies and not always a positive outlook but in general on target in many respects. Why do so many people follow this you might ask. The answer is kind of simple. We follow the letter of the year so that we can prepare for the new energies for “our universe”.

Here I will attempt to break down the Letter of the Year 2018 for the general public. You don’t have to be a follower of Santeria traditions in order to benefit from this knowledge. This is for everyone on the planet.


Letter of the year
The Orishas governing in 2018:

Yemaya, The earth mother, mother of the universe, mother of fish, mother of fertility? Also

Elegua, The messenger the one who lives behind the doors in our lives. He is the messenger of the Orishas. Remember nothing can start with our Elegua.

The letter of the year is known as OSA SHE. And it comes in “Ire” which means in the positive. This can be a good sign in many cases. (luck of happiness, long life. Stability and safety on the physical plane. Avoid spiritual detachments.


In this sigh, it talks about false testimony and false allegations in everything dealing with legal issues. What I take 2 things from this – Have your facts in order, be aware of your business dealings both in professional and personal.

See what is happening around you and your world. A good example I can offer you to what I mean is: What is going on in politics.


Labor and the eco-economic situation can become unstable with sudden changes (not all in the negative).

Quotes that accompanied this sign:

  • Everyone is worthy of respect. (this speaks for itself)
  • If you don’t know the laws in this world you will have to go to another. (There are 2 meaning for me with this quote) One: If you don’t know the law where you are living, you may have to move) Two: If you don’t follow the law here you will pay there)
  • The parents don’t ask for blessings from the children.
  • The son follows the tradition of the father. (for me in this day and age I say the CHILDREN follow the traditions of the parents).

Plants of the sign:

  • Water flower (water lilies)
  • duckbill  Latin duckbill is known as Kalanchoe pinnata Pers)
  • Sargasso (seaweed)

 These plants have many healing attributes and belong to Yemaya.

In 2018 I feel that it can be a much better year than the past 2 years. Yemaya is the earth mother, mother of the world if we respect her as the nurture she is she will reward us. Those of you who are initiated at any level of Santeria you should consult your elders, have your rogation and attend to your warriors in a customary way if you have them.

Elegua is the messenger in our tradition, remember we honor him before the others.

We say Mafrefun Yemaya, Mafrefun Elegua (Mafrefun means to praise)

Blessings and light and may 2018 bring to you and yours much love and healing.