No sleep

Once again I woke up way before my alarm clock. Why did I wake up so early?… The world situation is why.

My dreams and my spirit guides were showing me so much devastation. Each day the United States comes closer and closer to a nuclear holocaust with North Korea, Hurricanes destroying the Carrabiean, earthquakes ripping Mexico and still more to come. What seems to be another Civil War in the U.S. between North and South.I am not predicting what will happen, it already is.

Everyone suffers, some more than others. The poor lose whatever little they have with little hope of standing on solid ground for the time being.

The rich building Billion dollar bunkers for their elitist selves. I have just seen on Facebook or on MSM how the rich are building mega-mansion underground with golf course and swimming pool. DO they really believe that with the Armageddon that would come they will have time to play golf? Maybe so; I wouldn’t know I’m just a simple man with faith.

If there were to be a War between the U.S. and N.K. the blame if we call it that belongs to the heads of those countries. Both are children playing a very dangerous game of cat and mouse. While the rest of the world is waiting to see who is the cat and who is the mouse; either way both sides will get hurt.

All I want is a good night sleep with pleasant dreams.